7th October 1901
Deed Box for the reception of books and papers presented by Bro Tannenbaum.

1st February 1904
Framed portrait of HRH The Duke of Connaught MWGM by Bro J.P. Robinson.

7th November 1904
Masonic Jewel framed and mounted by Bro A.P. Williams Freeman.

6th April 1908
Set of Gauntlets by W.M. and Wardens.

3rd May 1909
Reading Desk by W.Bro F.J. Wraight.

7th February 1921
Antique Masonic Jug by Bro A.C. Suckling.

2nd December 1968
Pedestal with Masonic Cushion by W.Bro J.F. Chidwick.

Praying Chair by Bro G.W. Marchant.

6th November 1972
Praying Chair by  W.Bro S.Read and Bro G.W. Marchant.

3rd June 1974
Old Volume of Sacred Law by W.Bro H. Cousens.

4th June  1984
Refurbishment to the Honours Board by W.Bro G.W. Marchant .

Date Unknown
Volume of Sacred Law by Bro Paul Frensham. ( Stolen! )

7th November 1994
Volume of Sacred Law and Working Tools by W.Bro G.W. Marchant.

11th May 1996
Cushion to hold Working Tools by W.Bro George Gregory.

3rd November 1997
Cushion and Cushion Apron by widow of Bro George Gregory.
Cushion by W.Bro G.W. Marchant and emblems nickel plated by Bro Paul Hawkes.
Leather bound, gold embossed Declaration Book by W.Bro Jim Arnold.