At the Regular Lodge meeting on 2nd February 1920 a report and decision of the Masonic Club were read and referred to the Brethren for consideration. After some discussion W.Bro Langley proposed and Bro A J Giles seconded that the subscription of sixpence (2.5 pence) per member in order to legalise the club, should be paid out of Lodge funds. Carried.

W.Bro S Palmer proposed and Bro A J Meyler seconded that "This Lodge should invite the co-operation of the Union Lodge in arranging a Ladies night in the near future. Carried. It was proposed and seconded that a delegation should be formed to wait upon the Union Lodge for this purpose. Carried.

The secretary read a letter from the secretary of the Ever Ready Lodge, stating their willingness to Pass and Raise Bro Harry Grant for a fee of £1.1s.0d per ceremony. Upon the secretary pointing out that this was quite a usual proceeding, it was proposed and seconded that the fees be paid to the Ever Ready Lodge. Carried.

At the meeting of 1st March 1920 W.Bro Setterfield moved that it is suggested to found a Masonic Lodge at Westgate on Sea by St.Johns Thanet Lodge. It was duly seconded and approved by the brethren.

At the meeting held on 7th June 1920, W.Bro Setterfield proposed that the Lodge should support the Masonic Million Fund, but should be left in abeyance for twelve months. He said he took this attitude in accordance with the advice of the Prov. G Master who at a recent G.L. meeting said that as Kent had been drained in subscribing £50,000 to Masonic Charities, it would be obviously unfair to ask for further sacrifices immediately. This was duly seconded and carried unanimously.

At the meeting of 3rd January 1921 attention was drawn to the condition of the Lodge banner by the W.M., who expressed an earnest wish that it should either be repaired or scrapped and a new one be procured. It was proposed and seconded that a committee be formed consisting of the two Wardens, the Treasurer and the Secretary, to consider the question of the Lodge banner and report back. The Tyler having intimated that the P.M.'s collar had been missing for a considerable time, it was proposed by the W.M. and seconded by the J.W. that one be procured and kept as the property of the Lodge.

At the meeting of 7th February 1921 Bro A C Suckling presented an antique jug of Masonic design to the Lodge and the W.M. in accepting it proposed that a silver tablet and chain be attached to the jug commemorating this occasion. Bro A C Suckling was warmly thanked for his gift.

At the meeting of 4th April 1921 a letter was received from the Prov. G.L. respecting the irregularity of initiating Bro. Trimmer without the permission of the Chief Constable.

The letter from the Provincial Grand Lodge is as follows.

Dear Sir & W.Bro,

With reference to your interview with the R.W. The Prov G.Master on the 14th March 1921. It seems that you initiated a Police Constable in your Lodge when you knew that he had been refused permission to be initiated by his Chief Constable and after you had been warned by a Past Prov. G. Officer, that it would be irregular for you to do so. The R.W.Prov.G.M. considers that the initiation in such circumstances was most improper, and likely to bring the Order into discredit as encouraging insubordination and not being in support of Civil Authority. The R.W.Prov. G.M. after hearing your explanation is willing to believe that the irregularity was due to an error of judgement, but is unable to let the incident pass, without expressing his strong disapproval and calling for a written apology. I am further to ask for an undertaking that no other degree will be conferred on the Brother in question in your Lodge without the approval of the Chief Constable.

The R.W.Prov.G.Master wishes it to be quite clearly understood that there is no objection to the Police Constable becoming a Mason if permission of the Chief Constable is obtained.

This condition was laid down for the guidance of Masters of Lodges in the time of Lord Amherst, and must be adhered to.

You will cause this letter to be read in open Lodge at your next meeting and recorded on the Minutes.

Yours faithfully & fraternally

Signed Prov.G.Secretary.


A letter of apology was sent by the W.M. and an acknowledgment received from the Prov.G.Secretary.

A letter from Geo. Kenning was read which referred to the repair of the Lodge banner. It was decided to send the banner and request an estimate.

At the meeting of 2nd May 1921 W.Bro. Setterfield suggested that each member pay £1.0s.0d per year for five years to the Masonic Million Fund. It was proposed by W.Bro. Blake and seconded by W.Bro Setterfield that our banner be repaired at a cost of £4.10s.0d as per estimate. It was proposed by W.Bro.Setterfield and seconded by W.Bro.Blake that the sum of £1.6s.9d, being the profit from the Ladies Night entertainment be devoted to the Lodge of Instruction.

At the meeting of 1st May 1922. It was proposed that a sum of £1.1s.0d be sent as a donation to the recently formed Library and Museum in connection with the Province of Kent Lodge. At the meeting of 2nd October 1922 it was proposed by W.Bro.Langley and seconded by W.Bro.Wraight that a sum of £100 shall be set apart and maintained from Lodge funds and designated "St.Johns Distress Fund" for the relief of any Brother, or his dependants who may at any time, be in urgent need of assistance. This to be deposited in the Isle of Thanet Building Society. Carried. It was proposed and seconded that W.Bro.Palmer and W.Bro.Setterfield be the Trustees of the Distress Fund. Carried.

On 9th April 1923 the Lodge became a Founding member of the Freemasons Hospital and Nursing Home. Fulham Road, London, by subscribing £105 to its funds in four instalments, one of £30 and three subsequent annual instalments of £25

At the meeting of 3rd October 1925 the Secretary announced that he had received a communication from the Secretary of the Porta Maris Lodge, stating that in future, all Reigning Masters of The St. Johns Thanet Lodge No.2753 are automatically made Honorary Members of that Lodge and can always be assured of a hearty welcome.

In January 1927 it was noted that the Provincial Grand Master, the Right Honourable the Lord Cornwallis, had been made a Peer of the Realm by His Majesty the King.