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Treasurer: W.Bro. Paul Hawkes
Secretary: W.Bro. Peter Smith
Director of ceremonies
Assistant Director of Ceremonies: W.Bro. Glyn Scott 

W.M / Almoner W.Bro. Louis King

Assistant Secretary / Director of ceremonies
W.Bro. Colin Marsh


           Charity Steward: 

         W.Bro. Ben Katumba




The Margate Masonic Temple Committee ~ Lodge Representatives

W. Bro. P. R. Hawkes. PM, PPSGD

W. Bro. P. R. Smith. PM, PPSGD, PZ

W.Bro Bro. B.R Doulton. PM

Library and Museum Representative

W. Bro. N.P. Drakley. PM, ProvGSD

Provincial Chapter Liaison Officer

W. Bro P. R. Smith. PM, PPSGD, PZ