In 1970 W.Bro G W Marchant presented to the Lodge a praying chair.

Meeting of 5th April 1971, W.Bro H W Bulmer announced that £600.00 had been raised from the Thanet Charity Ball and would be available for Masonic Charities.

Meeting of 7th February 1972. Bro P E Francis was passed to the degree of a Fellowcraft at the request of his mother lodge The Royal Connaught Lodge No.3266 Port of Spain, Trinidad, due to him now residing in England.

Meeting of 1st May 1972. It was announced that £2,300.00 had been raised at the Charity Ball.

At the Installation meeting, 6th November 1972 W.Bro S Read and Bro G W Marchant presented a prayer chair to the Lodge, to be used by all Lodges if they so wished. The W.M. thanked the two brethren on behalf of the Lodge.

Meeting 4th December 1972 a letter dated 20th June 1972 from The District Grand Secretary of Trinidad thanking the Lodge for Passing and Raising Bro P E Francis on behalf of The Royal Connaught Lodge 3266 and enclosing his Grand Lodge Certificate. Bro. Francis was then balloted and approved as a joining member.

At the meeting of 2nd March 1973 the secretary read a letter from the Provincial Grand Master, that as from 1st June 1973 the Province would be devided into two Provinces, one of East Kent and one of West Kent. For the time being the P.G.M., Lord Cornwallis will continue as the P.G.M. for both Provinces.

Meeting 7th January 1974. W,Bro H W Bulmer reported that he had notified the Provincial Grand Lodge that The St.Johns Thanet Lodge had contributed the sum of £2387.67 to the Royal Masonic Hospital Appeal Fund and the Lodge was now a Grand Patron of the R.M.H.

At the meeting of 3rd June 1974, W.Bro. R S Clarke reported that W.Bro H Cousens, our oldest living Past Master had presented the Lodge with a very old volume of the Sacred Law.

The 7th April 1975 meeting it was announced by the chairman of the Masonic Hospital that non-masons would be admitted to the hospital as fee paying patients.

At the meeting of 4th December 1975 the Secretary received a letter from the Secretary of the Provincial Officers Mess that the Lodge should refrain from using the toast "The Rulers of the Craft, Supreme and Subordinate". It was a bad toast and should not be given, as it is uncertain to whom it applies, it is discourteous to other Brethren and it does not save time.

Also with reference to the toasts. At the meeting of 8th January 1979 the Secretary read a communication from Grand Lodge that if the 'Fire' is to be given with the other toasts generally, then it should be given with the first toast. "To the Queen and the Craft".

Whilst decorations etc. after the names should be printed on the toast lists, they should be omitted from the actual toast.

At the meeting of 4th June 1979 the Secretary read part of the address at the Annual Investiture of the M.W. Grand Master who referred  to the penalties clause in the three ceremonies. He stated that at his initiation and the other two ceremonies, he felt a very definite sensation of repugnance when he had to repeat the penalties clause in its old form. Following the approval by Grand Lodge of R.W. Bishop Herbert's alternative version, the proposal was passed to Lodges but with varying success . He urges all Lodges to look again at the alternatives put forward by Bishop Herbert. He finished by saying "This has been and still remains a Grand Lodge matter and I have no qualms about raising it again, or in quoting my own feelings when I was myself a candidate".