The Margate Masonic Temple was transformed back 112 years when St John's Thanet lodge celebrated its 1000th regular meeting on the 7th February 2011.

Members of the St. John's Thanet Lodge 2753
Members of the Lodge at the 1000th Meeting

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W Bro. Roger Odd officiated at the ceremony and was accompanied by W. Bro. David Alexander in his role as Deputy Provincial Director of Ceremonies together with 4 Active Provincial Officers . There were also 4 visiting Masters, including the Masters of our Mother Lodge (Union 127), our Daughter Lodge (Reculvers 4123), and our Great Granddaughter Lodge (Vitruvius 9412), 34 guests and visitors together with 26 members.

Members of the lodge assumed the role of the founder members and orated the story of how they played their part in laying the foundation stone of this new lodge.

W.Bro Nick Alder assumed the role of Earl Amherst

The Worshipful Master assumed the role of John Brighurst an upholsterer and the first Worshipful Master of the lodge.

W.Bro King assumed the role of Edwin Crosoer who was a provisions provider with his own shop in Northumberland Road Margate - Senior Warden

W.Bro Roberts assumed the role of Frederick Stanley, Superintendent of Margate Water Works - Junior Warden

W. Bro Coleman assumed the role of Henry Wootton, A local solicitor - I P M

W. Bro Hawks assumed the role of John Moore, a Licensed Victualer who operated the local hostelry,The Kings ArmsĀ - Treasurer

W. Bro Smith assumed the role of James Hume, a Master Baker and Confectioner with business premises in the High Street, Margate - Secretary

W. Bro Marsh assumed the role of James Hosking, a Mechanical Engineer by trade but now running a haulage business - Director of Ceremonies.

Bro. M assumed the role of William Hughes, the proprietor of a local restaurant - Senior Deacon.

Bro. Watson assumed the role of William White, who owns a fishmongers business - Junior Deacon.

Bro. Katumba assumed the role of Albert Tannenbaum, a Jeweller and a Pawn Broker, with premises close by -Inner Guard.

Bro Doulton assumed the role of William Bennett, the proprietor of the Randolph Hotel in Zion Place. - Steward.

W. Bro Humphreys assumed the role of Charles Rowley, Organist of Union Lodge - Organist.

Bro. McNeill assumed the role of Walter Gwatkin, Vicar of the Parish Church of Margate - 1st Candidate

Selected members then gave a short presentation on Masonic matters relevant to the Lodge. The minutes of the consecration meeting together with a list of officiating officers and founder members were read out by W. Bro Drakley.

The items used at the consecration of a new lodge were described in detail by W.Bro Alder and their significance to freemasonry was explained.

The genealogy of the lodge was emphasised by W. Bro Scott and was received with interest by the brethren together with the representative of our Mother, Daughter and Grand Daughter lodges who were in attendance.

The development of Muggeridge Ritual from the Stability unified ritual working as used by the lodge since its consecration was also explained by W. Bro Smith.

A potted history of the lodge was given by W. Bro Arnold. Bro Watson recited a poem about the turbulent war years and Bro Doulton recited a poem about what Freemasonry really is.

The evening was also the opportunity to pay tribute to and give thanks to its oldest member, W.Bro George Marchant PSGW, who is 96 years young and still taking a very active part in the Lodge and, as part of the evening, delivered the history behind the Grand Lodge Certificate to one of the Lodges newest members. W. Bro. Odd spoke of the commitment to Freemasonry given by W.Bro George Marchant and on behalf of the lodge he unveiled a plaque to commemorate the generosity of W. Bro Marchant. Afterwards the brethren retired to the dining room for a sumptuous festive board.

Thanks must go to W.Bro's Alder, Arnold and Scott for all their hard work in the research undertaken and the planning of what proved to be a great and enjoyable evening, by all who were there.

W. Bro Peter Smith. Secretary. February 2011