At the meeting of 6th October 1930 W.Bro Langley proposed and W.Bro Ruffe seconded that a telegram be sent to the air council expressing the deepest sympathy of the Brethren with those who are bereaved through the disaster to the R101 airship. Carried unanimously. The Brethren stood in silence.

At the meeting of May 2nd 1932 the Secretary announced that it had been the custom for the Lodge to present the Provincial clothing to the W.Brother who received that honour, for services rendered to the Lodge between the date of vacating the chair and the time Provincial honours were accorded him. This service being a debatable point, the Secretary said it was in the power of the W.Master to make this notice of motion for further discussion. This question was to be referred to a committee of Past Masters and Wardens to discuss and advise upon.

It was proposed and seconded that W.Master and the two Wardens be delegated to accept the three places allotted to the Lodge at the laying of the foundation stone of the Masonic Hospital and Nursing Home.

On 4th January 1937 it was proposed that a sum of money be donated, together with donations from The Union Lodge No.127 and The Porta Maris Lodge No.4287 for tombstone to our late Tyler Bro J Collier, not to exceed £20.

The Installation meeting held on 28th October 1938 had a total of 107 brethren present, including 59 visitors.

On the 13th March 1939 news came that an especial Grand Lodge would be held at Olympia on the installation of his Royal Highness the Duke of Kent KG as Grand Master. Evil events would in little time remove this most noble Duke.

On the 13th September, 1939 a Communication was received from Grand Lodge dated 4th September 1939 suspending all Masonic Meetings until further notice. (Although St.Johns continued until June 3rd 1940). This suspension was subsequently withdrawn and in the fall of 1940, an impromptu meeting took place (at the Gas Offices) between W.Bro F.Blake, Secretary of The St. Johns Thanet Lodge No.2753, W.Bro.A.J.Stickels, Secretary of the Margate Masonic Temple Trust and W.Bro.G.May, Master of the Union Lodge No.127. These Brethren were of the opinion that Freemasonry in Margate should carry on, but in view of the fact that some 75 per cent of the population had left the Town on account of War conditions and the close proximity to the French Coast, it would be impossible for each Lodge to function alone. It was therefore considered, that some form of Combined meeting could be arranged for the benefit of the Members of the Lodges that were left in Town. Accordingly, with the assistance of W.Bro.A.J.Saxby, Asst Secretary of the Union Lodge No.127 and W.Bro.A.R.H.Taylor, Secretary of the Porta Maris Lodge No.4287, a Meeting of the Brethren then in Margate, was convened at the Masonic Temple, New Cross Street, Margate, when it was agreed upon the formation of a Combined Meeting of the three Lodges, and W.Bro.F.Blake kindly consented to act as Secretary. The first meeting of these combined Lodges was held on the 5th December, 1940, when W.Bro Wilson-Price  was re-installed into the Chair of Porta Maris Lodge

No.4287. On this occasion, 37 Brethren were present and an enjoyable evening was spent. In view of the constant Air Raid Warnings in Margate, W.Bro. W.C.Redman arranged for an Air Raid Shelter to be available in the adjacent School Yard for the benefit of Brethren attending Lodge, should necessity arise. W.Bro Blake has recorded in the Minute Book, Page 7, that at the Installation of W.Bro.H.Shaw- "The Alert was sounded during the ceremony and the All Clear, as Bro.Shaw was place in the Chair. 'A good omen' " On this occasion 70 Brethren were present.


PREFACE to the minutes of the Combined Margate Lodges of Freemasonry. The Union Lodge No.127, The St.Johns Thanet Lodge No.2753 and the Porta Maris Lodge No.4287.