Consecration Jewel

We feel that St John's has developed into a progressive lodge and believe this website will demonstrate that.

We have highlighted its history and achievements, whilst also trying to keep you up to date with future events and the highlights of this year.

Our History

This presentation is not intended to be a literary work of art but rather a collating of extracts of the more significant Landmarks in our History which link us as Brothers, Present and Past, in Thanet, the County of Kent (now divided into East and West) and the whole fraternity of Freemasonry, of which we are proud to be members.

The choice of what to include and what to disregard has been extremely difficult. I trust the mosaic finally selected will do justice to the founders and my predecessors over the past years.

The complete history of St. John's Thanet Lodge 2753 begins here »»

Province of East Kent