At the February 4th 1991 meeting the secretary read a letter from the Provincial Grand Secretary stating that W.Bro R A Mills had been promoted to the rank of Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden.

W.Bro F Warren P.M. P.Pr.J.G.D. rose and informed the Lodge that on January 17th, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro R.J.Edney P.G.Swrd.Br with W.Bro J.R.Ebling Ass. Prov. G. Secretary, travelled to W.Bro R.A.Mills home and invested him with the collar and jewel of the office, in the presence of W.Bro. F Warren, P.M. P.Pr.J.G.D., W.Bro H.W.Bulmer P.M. P.Pr.J.G.W. and W.Bro J.E.Arnold P.M. Prov. G.Stwd Almoner, representing the Lodge. The ceremony was greatly appreciated by W.Bro R A Mills and the Lodge and the Secretary was instructed to record the Lodges appreciation.

At the meeting held on 4th March 1991 the Lodge was informed of the death of W.Bro R.A.Mills. P.M. P.Pr.J.G.W. W.Bro H W Bulmer P.Pr.J.G.W. rose and gave details of W.Bro Mills life and service to Freemasonry and especially St.Johns which had extended over 50 years. The Brethren were requested to stand in silence as a token of departed merit.

Mrs Mary Mills sent a letter thanking the Lodge and its members for their considerable support over the last few months and for their attendance at the funeral. 

W.Bro G W Marchant presented to the Lodge an Almoners collection box at the meeting of  2nd March 1992.

At the meeting of 6th April 1992 a letter was received from W.Bro T C Brooks the Hon Sec of the Union Lodge Trust, New Cross Street, Margate, an offer to the four Lodges to purchase the Temple for £4,000 (to be shared equally) and the appointment of a trustee.

It was reported at this meeting that the target for the 1992 festival was £17,000 and the Lodge had raised a total of £21,400 which was the highest recorded from all the Thanet Lodges.

A letter was received from the Provincial Grand Master Rt.W.Bro J A Porter thanking the Province for their generosity in raising £3,042,577 for the 1992 festival.

At the meeting on 1st June 1992 the secretary announced that the Lodge will purchase a 275th anniversary jewel for the Lodge at a cost of £100.00.

At the meeting of 1st March 1993 we were honoured by the presence of the Provincial Grand Master Right Worshipful Brother John Bonomy on the occasion of presenting W.Bro J J Studt with a Silver Salver from the Lodge in recognition of his services to Freemasonry for 58 years in the craft. W.Bro Studt thanked the P.G.M. for his attendance and presentation, also the Lodge for their gift.

It was announced at the meeting of 7th March 1994 that W.Bro J J Studt had passed away aged 86 years. The Brethren stood in silence as token of departed merit.

At the meeting of  3rd October 1994 it was announced that Bro B I P J Denham PPrDGOrganist was making his last appearance as our Organist. He was presented, by the Worshipful Master, with an inscribed plate in recognition of his many years of service as Organist during the 44 years he has been a member of the Craft. The W.M. gave a short history of Bertie and the presentation was made with acclamation.

At the Installation meeting on 7th November 1994 it was announces that 100 years ago yesterday, the foundation stone was laid of the building by W.Bro Crosoer, W.M. of the Union Lodge No.127. He was the first S.W. of The St.Johns Thanet Lodge in 1899 and became W.M. in 1900. He unfortunately died during his year of office.

St.Johns was the first Lodge meeting in the second 100 years.

Also at this meeting the W.M. referred to the loss of the Lodge V.S.L. (presented by Bro Paul Frensham) by burglary. A new V.S.L. together with a full set of Working Tools had been presented by W.Bro G W Marchant P.M. PPrGReg.

The minutes of the Regular meeting on 5th January 1995 were the very first typewritten, or to be correct, computer word processor written minutes, due to the Secretary, W.Bro H W Bulmer handing over this onerous task to the Assistant Secretary W.Bro J E Arnold. Up until that time, stretching right back to 1899, the minutes had been in long hand. Some secretaries handwriting was good, others were reasonable and there were on occasion those whose handwriting was, to put it bluntly, pretty grim! It had taken St. Johns Lodge 95 years to actually get to a point in time where such a thing could occur, notwithstanding the fact that typewriters had been in everyday use, in this country at least, since the 1920's/30's. I was amazed that I had ploughed through all those years of hand-written minutes and never gave a thought that we could have bought a Lodge typewriter!

Monday 4th December 1995 was a memorable day for W.Bro H W Bulmer PPrJGW when he was presented with a silver salver by the W.M. for his service to the Lodge over the past 42 years mainly as Secretary which he had now relinquished in favour of W.Bro J E Arnold PPrGStwd. W.Bro G W Gregory gave a potted history of his achievements.

The Installation meeting in November 1996 was changed from 4th November to 11th November by a Dispensation from the Province so that the Alfred Wootton Chapter could hold its Centenary on that date. A letter of grateful thanks was received from the Chapter.

At the Installation meeting of 3rd November 1997 it was announced that a cushion and cushion apron had been presented to the Lodge by the widow of Bro George Gregory. W.Bro G W Marchant was engaged to make the cushion and Bro Paul Hawkes had the emblems nickel plated. W.Bro T Cousins would be employed in making a wooden box to house the cushion.

The Secretary W.Bro J E Arnold presented the Lodge with a leather bound, gold embossed declaration book and stated that it would last for at least 100 years.

We were honoured by the announcement on 4th February 1997 that W.Bro N J Alder had been appointed Provincial Grand Treasurer and would be invested at the Provincial meeting in April.

At the meeting of 11th May 1998. W.Bro G W Gregory P.M. PPrSGD, presented to the Lodge a cushion to hold the working tools to mark his 40th year in Freemasonry,

At the Installation meeting held 2nd November 1998, the Lodge changed a long standing tradition whereby Past Masters had always presented the newly Installed Master with his working tools for the various degrees. On this occasion and for the foreseeable future where Master Masons in the Lodge have proved by their ability, merit and skill at such presentation, they will be given the opportunity to contribute toward the successful Installation Ceremony. On this landmark occasion the Third degree tools were presented by Bro B K Watson, the Second degree by Bro G P Scott and the First degree by Bro C R Marsh. All were presented in an exceptional manner reflecting great credit on these Brethren and the Lodge in particular.

On the 4th January 1999, Bro. Len Gadd, Senior Warden of the Lodge had completed 50 years service to the good of Freemasonry in various parts of the world. To mark the occasion he was given a silver salver, suitably inscribed from the members of the Lodge as a mark of respect and also presented with a certificate of Service and the congratulations from the Provincial Grand Master. On this auspicious occasion the actual presentation and address was given by our very own W.Bro Nick Alder, Provincial Grand Treasurer, representing The Right Worshipful Bro. John Bonomy.

Here endeth the First One Hundred Years